Standardize Your Data Structure


Entity & Hierarchy

Achieve global consistency with our organizational data foundation

By connecting your commercial entities to our unifying data structure and leveraging D&B’s D-U-N-S® Number and global hierarchies, you’ll have an enterprise-wide common view of entities and their legal relationships. Now, what may have appeared to be disparate records are disambiguated and reconciled under a connected family tree, enabling you to understand and manage relationships.







The universal standard for business identification

Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number is a unique global business identification system that identifies, validates and links to more than 280 million businesses worldwide. Only D&B assigns the D-U-N-S Number ensuring accuracy, timeliness and cross-border consistency of information.

Discover the value of interconnected relationships

D&B global corporate hierarchies and linkage enable you to see and maintain a family tree and hierarchical structure for your commercial relationships. And because corporate relationships are constantly changing due to ongoing mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and consolidations, D&B makes daily updates to corporate hierarchies. This brings transparency to business relationships and enriches your view, enabling you to mitigate risk and find new growth opportunities.

Supporting industry classifications and standard geographies

Dun & Bradstreet incorporates Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) as a global industry standard for classifying what a business does. Our proprietary SIC + 4 codes add deeper granularity at the sub-industry and line-of-business level. D&B also supports the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) country codes and utilizes global address standardization processes to standardize local data to local postal standards. This allows you to understand industry segmentation and geography definitions through a globally consistent coding structure.
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